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The School of Makeup Art Ltd’s Makeup & Fashion Image and Extensive Makeup Design programs cover an amazing range of theory and practical application in the Makeup and Beauty industry spectrum. Students learn in a unique environment that combines aspects of traditional classroom instruction with creative studio expression.

At SOMA, we educate, encourage and refine imaginations. While we always have our eyes on the future and the newest trends in makeup, we also value our history. With more than 30 years’ experience teaching the art of makeup, SOMA recognizes the incredible achievements that distinguish our students and graduates.  

Located in the heart of Toronto, SOMA benefits from the influence of one of Canada’s largest centres of design, fashion, film and television.

SOMA students learn from instructors who work in the industry and who can guide and nurture their aspirations in makeup design. Being prepared and confident in their abilities when they graduate, SOMA students are free to express their creativity, talent and imaginations professionally.

WARNING: Some images in the Extensive Makeup Design and Injury Simulation galleries are very graphic and not for sensitive viewers.

SOMA Extensive Makeup Design
SOMA Makeup & Fashion Image
SOMA Injury Simulation
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Every Makeup Artist must begin their studies by mastering the art of beauty makeup. SOMA ensures students receive the fundamental practical skills and theoretical knowledge required for expert makeup application. These skills provide the foundation for working in print, television, special effects, theatre, bridal, retail and more.
SoMa School of Makeup Art
SoMA School of Makeup Art
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