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Who says makeup is always pretty? At SOMA, we specialize in theatrical, costume, and special effects makeup art that will make anyone look twice.

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Our student work will amaze you

Below is a sampling of student work from the
Extensive Makeup Design program. Click on a
photo to see the full student gallery.

WARNING: Some images are very graphic and not
suitable for sensitive viewers.

SoMA: Extensive Makeup Design Program Gallery SoMA: Extensive Makeup Design Program Gallery
SoMA: Extensive Makeup Design Program Gallery SoMA: Extensive Makeup Design Program Gallery

Program Outline

*6 month Extensive Makeup Design diploma program

Upon completion of this program, you will have gained the confidence and knowledge to meet the demands of the Film and Television Industry.

Some of the topics covered in this program include:

Employment opportunities: Full time vs. Freelance
Unions: IATSE, NABET 700 CEP
Script Analysis: Breaking down the script for film
Research Techniques
Reference Files
Understanding Continuity for Film
Character Analysis and Breakdown Makeup for Film
Bloodworks: Understanding the Heart/Circulatory System
Frost bite:
1)    Stages of frostbite
2)    Research techniques
3)    Product knowledge

Tattoo Simulation:
1)    Product knowledge
2)    Research techniques
3)    Design
4)    Application

1)    Stages of Burns (First, Second, Third degree)
2)    Types of Burns
3)    Product knowledge
4)    Continuity
Wax Works:

1)    Application
2)    Painting
1)    Production notes
2)    Application
3)    Painting
Aging Makeup:

1)    Stages of Aging
2)    Research Techniques
3)    Face & Hands
4)    Product Knowledge
5)    Simple aging and Advanced aging
Bald Caps:
1)    Film and Stage differences
2)    Products for different types of caps
3)    Creation of a Bald Cap
4)    Application and Removal

Hair Works– Laying of Facial Hair:
1)    Product knowledge
2)    Blending
3)    Understanding Beard Growth
4)    Application Techniques
5)    Removal Techniques
1)    Introduction and Safety
2)    Materials and Equipment knowledge
3)    Preparation and Life Casting
4)    Positive and Negative Development
5)    Sculpting
6)    Dental Castings and Veneer Designs
7)    Silicone Molds/Gypsum Molds
8)    Prosaide Transfers
9)    Examples of current prosthetic techniques
10)  Painting Techniques
History of Wigs and Beards
Research Techniques
Creation of Lace Appliances
Basic Knotting
Dressing of Pieces
Application of Pieces
Photographic Component
Photoshoots with a professional photographer to build your portfolio including:
1.)    Casualty/Injury Simulation
2.)    Character Makeup
3.)    Prosthetic Character Makeup 

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Every Makeup Artist must begin their studies by mastering the art of beauty makeup. SOMA ensures students receive the fundamental practical skills and theoretical knowledge required for expert makeup application. These skills provide the foundation for working in print, television, special effects, theatre, bridal, retail and more.
SoMa School of Makeup Art
SoMA School of Makeup Art
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